Me is MINA. Me’s birth name is RASMINAH DJAROT. I is one of the 1275 in the colony, and the last ewe survived during 2033’s nuke war. Suddenly, all sheep orphans stand up and walk and luck. Sheep are not edible anymore. The predators still eat arnab and moose. Consequently, sheep have to be act like the predator, human, under their barbaric rules. Sheep should using money to trade some grass rather than trade it with snails.

Me used to be a weather announcer at BBC.

The BBC insists not into dubbed breaking news since nobody understands any of I words.
Then again, me is see opportunity in modeling after me did forecasting the weather for Beijing Fashion Week. A designer, Quo Ling, told I that me have a potential ‘it’ factor on modeling.

Many people consider I, Mina, the greatest model of all time. People are aware that me did dozens couture runaways during the New York Fashion Week at only 1 year of age. But what people forget is that me is a sheep. And, like all sheep, sometimes the wool of I becomes unruly.

That is why I wears WAPITI, an auto-adjustment-hood made from ionic silicon and palladium and cotton by lovely collaboration between NASA and CHANEL.
And me also ordered WAPITIBOD, body covers, from the same collaborative project.

So here I is now.

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